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Council is proposing special service plan 01-2016 which is for the maintenance of municipal water, storm and sewer service lines. The special service includes residential properties and class 40 institutional properties with a one inch line or less. Commercial, rental complexes, apartment buildings and unserviced vacant lots will be excluded.

The special service will cover the cost of the repair to any break more than 1 meter from the structure, all breaks less than 1 meter will remain the responsibility of the homeowner. The levy will cover the cost to repair the water, sewer or storm service lines as well as the backfilling of the hole, leveling and seeding and replacing of any public sidewalk and roads. The owner will remain responsible for internal plumbing/ fixtures, repairs/replacement of private sidewalks, driveways, trees, decorative landscaping, shrubs or structures (including decks).

The levy will be calculating using the prior year’s actual expense plus a 2% inflationary factor. It is estimated that there are 3,240 properties within the City of Thompson that will be included in the levy.

Special Service Plan By-Law 1937-2016



What is the principle of the program?  The program is in place to eliminate the burden on the homeowner of financing the cost of repair to their service lines more than 1 meter from their structure.  The cost is estimated between $5,000 to $10,000.  This levy will cover the cost of repair to the lines for residential and institutional properties with a 1 inch line or less.  This levy will not cover frozen of plugged lines.

Who does this apply OR not apply to?  This levy applies to residential and institutional with a 1 inch line or less.  This does not apply to commercial.

Is this a new program?  The levy was put into place in 2010.  Prior to that residents were responsible for a charge for service repairs on their property.  The levy by-law period ended in 2015, and to continue the program a new by-law is being proposed.

Is the program a part of the utility bill?  No, the levy is charged on the tax bill

How long is the program in place?  The program has been in place since 2010.

How much has the program cost in previous years?

2010               186,118

2011               242,864

2012               183090

2013               201504

2014               351463

2015               310,000 (estimated)


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