The water and sewer utility provides the City of Thompson with the necessary funds to conduct a study on the infrastructure, and prioritize and replace the underground infrastructure, rather than just repairing. 

The City of Thompson accepts the following methods of payment:
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit
  • Online banking - If you are setting up for the first time please ensure you pick THOMPSON CITY OF (UTILITY) use all 13 digits do not include the decimals
  • Pre-authorized debit - forms are available at City Hall. This is great for the budget, have a specific amount taken out of your account on the 15th of the month (insert PAD pdf)
Call us at 677-7950 and let us know the date you will be moving. We do final readings every Friday. 

If you are moving in we will ask that you fill in the Residential Customer Information Form and drop if off at City Hall or fax it to us at 204-677-7936. You can download the form here.
If you are moving we require a forwarding address.

Landlords if, as part of your rental agreement, your tenant is responsible for water ensure that the tenant completes the Residential Customer Information Form and drops it off at City Hall.

During the winter months some properties, mainly homes located in the Burntwood Trailer Court (BTC) must run their water to keep their lines from freezing. The City of Thompson offers a rebate to those properties. The rebate will only apply to the quarters of October 1- December 31st and January 1 – March 31st. The rebates are based on your average for the months of April 1- September 30th. Running your water after March 31st will affect your rebate.

The Bleeder Rebate must be pre-approved and no rebate will be applied to the City of Thompson receiving the application.

To register for the Bleeder Rebate please send a letter, including name, address, contact number and reason for the request to:

Utility Clerk 
226 Mystery Lake Road 
Thompson, MB R8N 1S6 
fax: 204-677-7936 

If you have any questions regarding the City of Thompson Utility please call us at 677-7950 or email us at