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The City of Thompson Building Inspections and Development Department reviews and issues Demolition permits, Building permits, Plumbing permits, Sign permits, Development permits & Occupancy permits and processes Variation applications for any residential or commercial construction in the City of Thompson. 

Construction consists of open decks, sheds over 10 square meters (108 square feet), storage garages, houses, residential occupancies, business and personal services occupancies, mercantile occupancies, assembly occupancies, care or detention occupancies, Low, Medium and High Hazard occupancies. 

Plan reviews of blue prints or drawings will be conducted on all construction information submitted with the applications. Onsite inspections will be required for the following:  foundations, framing, plumbing, insulation and vapour barrier, and final inspection for occupancies. 

Any information or questions regarding development, building construction or application forms, please contact the building inspections department. 

It is recommended that all building applicants contact the building inspections during their planning stage. 

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