COVID-19 Coronavirus Information
Below you can find general information about the COVID-19 coronavirus, as well as up-to-date information about the City's response to the pandemic.
Latest Manitoba Bulletins
Residents can see the latest updates on COVID-19 in Manitoba at the Government of Manitoba webpage, at:
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April 3, 2020

March 20, 2020

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COVID-19 Updates
Business and Community Contacts
The City of Thompson, the Thompson Chamber of Commerce, and 102.9 CHTM are working together to ensure residents have access to information about the resources businesses and local non-profits are offering during the COVD-19 pandemic:

General Information
The City of Thompson's facilities are closed to the public as of March 16, 2020 at 1:15pm, except for the Waste Disposal Grounds. This includes:
  • Thompson Regional Community Center
  • City Hall
  • Public Works Yard
  • Thompson Recycling Center
A drop box has been set up in front of the City Hall lobby so that residents can drop off applications for permits, paper work, or pay bills. Residents should put their paperwork in one of the supplied envelopes and address the envelope with their name and contact information to ensure the paperwork arrives with the proper department.
City services continue as normal, including curbside garbage and recycling pick-up, snow removal, and water breaks.
Download our FAQ for more information, or to find out how to access services during this time:
The TRCC is making arrangements for individuals with paid registrations in the coming days.
You can view updates on COVID-19 across the province of Manitoba here:

Waste Disposal Grounds + Recycling Center
Residential curbside garbage and recycling pick-up continues as normal.
The Waste Disposal Grounds are still open, including household hazardous waste. Drivers must report to the scale before entering the grounds, and the attendant will collect fees in a small bucket. Exact change is required.
Tipping fees are as follows:
  • Half-ton Residential: $10
  • Double Axle Residential: $21
  • Couches and Mattresses: $20
  • Fridges and AC Units: $40
The Thompson Recycling Center is only collecting recycling from businesses that can leave their recycling outside. Customers should contact the Recycling Centre at 204-677-7991 to make arrangements for collection. Curbside residential pick-up continues as normal.
Retrieving Your Belongings From the TRCC
To retrieve important items, you must call 677-7952 to make an appointment between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm.
Only one person will be allowed into the building at a time to allow for safe distancing. There will be no exceptions.

When users arrive, they will immediately be taken to a washroom to wash your hands.
Users can only retrieve their own belongings. 

Users who do not show up for their appointment and don't cancel ahead of time will not be allowed to book another one until the facility re-opens.

Staff will not go into someone’s locker to retrieve their items even if a key or code is provided.

Anyone who is sick or appears to be sick will not be allowed inside.

Home inspections are currently suspended. Commercial inspections will take place on a case-by-case basis. Please call our Building Inspector at 204-677-7953 for more information. Permit applications or other forms can be emailed directly to

Mental Health Support

Social distancing can be difficult, especially for Manitobans who live alone, work alone, or who already struggle with their mental health. Depression, anxiety, and negativity can creep up on us in unexpected ways.

It's normal during these unprecedented times, but that doesn't mean we have to deal with it alone. Anyone who is struggling should reach out to people they trust, and who they're close to.

For those of us who need extra help, the Province of Manitoba has set up specialized mental health supports for people experiencing difficulty during this time. You can find more information about the Province of Manitoba's virtual therapy services and other resources on their website by clicking the link below.

Manitoba Mental Health Resources and Virtual Therapy