The Department of Recreation, Parks and Culture performs lawn repairs where the lawn has been damaged due to a service excavation. The City will not be responsible for the replacement or damages to other items, i.e. sidewalks, retaining walls, trees, flowers, etc.
What If My Lawn Is Being Repaired?

The City will allow the ground one year to settle before doing any repairs. Lawns excavated prior to may 1st of the calendar year will be placed on the lawn repair list for that year. Repairs will be scheduled according to areas which will be determined by the Public works curb and sidewalk repair list.

The City will provide the labor to fill or remove fill material from excavation, topsoil and seed and fertilize the damaged portion of the lawn. Repairs done after September the seeding of that lawn will be done the following spring and given first priority. The repair will only be done once for each water break.

Homeowner's Responsibility:

Once the area has been seeded it becomes the homeowners’ responsibility to care for the area:

*When seeding an area, as long as the grass is dormant in the seed it needs no water. However once planted and watered the seed swells and germinates. At that point, an uninterrupted water supply is very important. Should the seed dry out once planted, it will die. The soil surface must not be allowed to dry until the grass is about two (2”) inches tall. Watering several times a day everyday for a month may be necessary. Caution should be taken to keep the new seedlings moist without saturating the soil. Too much moisture can encourage disease development as well as possibly wash the seed away.*