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The City of Thompson Public Cemetery is located at the end of Cemetery Road on the east side of Highway 391 north of the Burntwood River.

The city provides the following options and services to the public. For detailed prices, see the City of Thompson Fee and Fine Schedule for the plot sizes below.
  • Regular Burial 1.5 x 3m (5 x 10ft).
  • Half Burial 1.5 x 1.5m (5 x 5ft).
The city does not provide memorial grave markers or funeral home service. These must be obtained elsewhere. 

Cemetery Rules

(See the Cemetery By-law for complete information)
  • No vehicle shall enter, exit, or travel within the cemetery except on the established road system.
  • No person shall permit any dog to run at large within the boundaries of the cemetery
  • No person shall disturb the quiet and good order of the cemetery by noise or objectionable conduct.
  • Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs are not permitted at any time on the cemetery grounds.
  • Children must be accompanied by parents or guardians who will be responsible for their behaviour.
  • The Superintendent or any Designated Officer is authorized to prohibit or eject any person disturbing the peace and quiet of the cemetery.
  • No person, other than the owner, his immediate family or next of kin, may work by special care or otherwise, any grave, unless authorized in writing to do so by the Superintendent.
  • No monument, tombstone, headstone, or other erection or covering on a grave shall cover more than 10 percent of the total area of the gravesite.
  • No person shall plant trees or shrubs on any plot, lot or grave. Flowers of an anticipated height of no greater than 18 inches may be planted and cared for.
  • The Superintendent or his or her designate may trespass on any plot, lot, or gravesite for the purpose of maintenance, cutting grass and otherwise caring for the cemetery, and may remove any floral piece or any other article that is unsightly, wilted or broken.
  • No person shall pick any wild or cultivated flowers, nor injure any tree, shrub or other growing things.
  • No funeral service may be held, or interment made, within the cemetery by any person not authorized by law to do so.
  • 72 hours notification of any proposed burial shall be given to the Superintendent of any proposed burial.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays shall be excluded in computing the required notice.
  • No cornerstone, wall, fence or curb to indicate the boundaries of a lot or grave shall be erected as an enclosure to a plot or grave.
  • Only one cemetery marker or monument shall be erected on a single plot, and only one double cemetery marker or monument shall be erected on a double plot regardless of the number of burials in a plot.
  • Rules and regulations made from time to time by council shall be binding upon plot owners and upon all others to whom they apply.
  • All monuments shall be constructed of (i) granite; (ii) marble; (iii) bronze; (iv) other permanent material approved by the Superintendent.
  • All other monuments, including crosses made of wood or concrete, are not allowed.
  • Grave covers are not permitted.
  • Plot owners are required to install a permanent grave marker (headstone, monument, etc.) within 2 years of a burial; after this point, the City of Thompson will install a standard grave marker and shall be permitted to seek recovery of the cost from the plot owner.

Hours of Operation & Contact Information

Open daily to public pedestrian traffic from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The gate may be open upon special request for visits by people with mobility issues.

For general inquiries please contact:
By-law & Enforcement Services
Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine