TRCC Fitness Area
The TRCC Fitness Area is currently closed. Staff are currently reviewing how to open the facility in a way that's compatible with the vaccination clinics taking place below.

Book Ice Time At Our Arenas!
You can book ice time for use in groups of ten at the CA Nesbitt and Gordon Beard Arenas. Groups do not have to be from the same household, however, they do need to follow the Public Health Orders outlined in sections 14(1) to 18(4).
If you want to book ice time to use (strictly within what is permitted by public health orders) please contact our facilities coordinator at
You can see what ice time is available through our scheduling system here. Just click on "Schedules" and select the CA Nesbitt or Gordon Beard Arena.

TRCC Walking Track
The TRCC Walking Track is CLOSED pending changes to Public Health Orders.
When open, users need to access the TRCC Walking Track through the south entrance of the TRCC, across from RD Parker Collegiate. The north entrance is strictly for patients of the vaccination clinic.
Though interaction between walking track users and vaccination clinic patients is limited by the traffic layout, users should still take personal care to avoid inadvertently crossing paths with clinic patients.

Advertise at the TRCC
Advertising in the TRCC associates your brand with positive experiences of fun, recreational activities and events, making it one of the best places to showcase your business.

Thousands of visitors attend our facility yearly, especially during hockey season, many of whom have never visited our city before.  Our walking track, which is free to use, is also located in the CA Nesbitt Arena, and is used by people year-round.  Our arenas are also used for special events such as Relay for Life, Nickel Days, and trade shows, all of which attract residents and from our community and visitors from across the province.
In addition to the purchase of printed ad space, your advertisement will be displayed in rotation on monitors throughout the TRCC facility at no additional charge.

 CA Nesbitt Arena Board  $600
 Gordon Beard Arena Board  $400
 CA Nesbitt Ice Logo (Small)  $1000
 CA Nesbitt Ice Logo (Large)  $3400
 CA Nesbitt Wall Banners (Small)  $400
 CA Nesbitt Wall Banners (Large)  $600
 Digital Screen Ads  FREE with purchase
For more details, contact!