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Commercial Services

Commercial Waste Disposal

Commercial Waste Pick-UpCost
Containers for Mechanical Pick-Up*$8.18/cubic yard
WRARS Surcharge**$0.91/yard of material

*Churches and charitable organizations may be eligible for a 50% discount
**Waste Reduction and Recycling Support Levy

Commercial Waste Disposal (WDG)Cost
Waste - Local Rate$121.00/tonne ($20 minimum)
Waste - Non-local Rate$242.00/tonne ($40 minimum)
Derelict Vehicles$54.00/vehicle
Large Items$107.00/item
Construction/Demolition/Roofing Materials$62.00/tonne
Construction/Demolition/Roofing - Non-Resident Contractor$123.00/tonne
Fridges/Air Conditioner (includes refrigerant removal)$41.00/each
Steel Drums$23.00/each
Propane Tanks$18.00/each
Asbestos/Contaminated Materials$313.00/tonne
Liquid Sewer/Hazardous Waste$61.00/tonne
Contaminated Soil - Resident$54.00/tonne
Contaminated Soil - Non-resident
Clean FillNo Charge

Advertising at City Facilities

Arena BoardsCA Nesbitt Arena$600.00
Arena BoardsGordon Beard Arena$400.00
Ice Logo (Small)CA Nesbitt Arena$1000.00
Ice Logo (Large)CA Nesbitt Arena
Wall Banners (Small)CA Nesbitt Arena
Wall Banners (Large)CA Nesbitt Arena$600.00
Digital Screen AdsTRCC LobbyFree w/ Print Ads

All ads are booked and renewed on an annual basis. Ad bookings are subject to GST (5%) and a TRCC Improvement Fee (12.5%).

Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine