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Construction and Development

Renovating your house or putting up a garage? We can help you make sure your project meets all the requirements of the Manitoba Building Code and Thompson's Zoning By-Law.

Building Permits

Most renovation and construction projects in Thompson require a building permit. Building permits protect homeowners by ensuring every construction project meets a minimum level of quality and all provincial and local requirements, like the Manitoba Building Code and our Zoning By-Law.

Building permits also help us keep track of the big picture in Thompson's development, and how residents and businesses are investing in their properties over time.

Common Building Projects

Check out the basic requirements for common renovation projects like fences, decks, and secondary suites.

FencesDecksSecondary Suites

Zoning and Building Requirements

If you renovate often, it's useful to get to know Thompson's zoning, building, and property requirements.

Zoning is governed by Thompson's Zoning By-Law: it plans for and allows certain kinds of construction to take place in certain areas, and governs details like building location, maximum building heights, or the number of parking spaces required in the area.

If a construction project does not fall within what is permitted by the zoning requirements for your area, you can apply for a zoning variance. Variation applications take time, as they are reviewed both in committee and before council, and require a public hearing. Being granted a variance is not guaranteed.

If you think your project may require a variation, it's important to start the permitting process early.

Property Standards are governed by our Building Safety and Property Standards By-Law and ensure local properties are safe, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing. That includes a basic standard of upkeep for all properties (occupied or not), the proper storage of waste and materials, and more.

Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine