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Emergency Preparedness

City of Thompson Disaster Plan

The City of Thompson's Disaster Plan outlines a plan of action for critical events such as weather events, industrial accidents, wildfires that threaten the community, and more.

Section 1 outlines the definition of an emergency or disaster within the City of Thompson, the establishment of the Emergency Operating Centre (EOC), emergency powers, and the termination of a state of emergency.

Section 2

Section 2 outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Emergency Operating Centre (EOC), partners of the EOC, and infrastructure that may play critical roles in an emergency response.

Section 3 outlines the basic procedure for the evacuation of residents in Thompson, or the accommodation of evacuees from either a limited section of Thompson, or from outlying communities.

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide
As seldom as emergencies take place, they eventually do come.

When disaster does strike, families and individuals need to be prepared for the worst: Public Safety Canada recommends that dwellings and businesses should prepare to get by on their own for at least 72 hours in the event that the disaster cripples emergency response.

The Emergency Preparedness Guide from Public Safety Canada is filled with essential information for ensuring you and your family or coworkers are safe in the event of a major disaster. The guide includes resources for understanding the risks associated with different disasters, instructions and templates for creating your own emergency preparedness plan, and essential items that should be included in emergency kits for a variety of settings and situations.

View and download Public Safety Canada’s 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide below. You can also find copies at City Hall's front desk.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Community Wildfire Protection Plan is designed to help prevent dangerous wildfires from starting near the City of Thompson, and to protect property and key infrastructure in the event that a wildfire does threaten city boundaries. The plan is the first of its kind in Manitoba.

The plan not only includes actions to be taken by Thompson Fire and Emergency Services and provincial fire crews, but also steps that homeowners can take to drastically reduce the risk of property loss in the event of a dangerous wildfire.

Below residents can access the wildfire mitigation plan, as well as related maps. Only part of the plan is publicly available, due to confidential information included in the complete plan.

You can also find the Power Point presentation presented to council on March 18, 2019 below.

CWPP - Wildfire Mitigation Strategy

Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine