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Community Wellness and Safety

The Community Safety and Well-Being Action Plan

The Thompson Wellness and Community Safety Strategy was created with the input of over 20 different community organizations, including government, Indigenous organizations, education, healthcare, social services and law enforcement. The plan brings together Thompson’s agencies and resources together to create a complete approach towards improving safety and a sense of community in Thompson, and create results that are greater than the sum of their parts.

The strategy approaches safety and community in Thompson from several angles, from directly addressing issues around alcohol and youth crime, to the underlying causes that enable them to exist, like our sense of community, our identity, our built environment. The approaches are broken down into six main areas, and every area has a dedicated subcommittee to direct action and progress:

Integrated Alcohol Management - Integrating planning, services, and support for people struggling with alcohol addiction in order to reduce or eliminating gaps in the transition from addiction to long-term recovery.

Demand on Police Resources - Reducing police intervention surrounding non-criminal and low-risk social issues, such as intoxicated people, mental health checks, etc. Creating non-judicial interventions helps ensure vulnerable people get compassionate care and opportunities for recovery, while police can focus on serious criminal matters like violence and trafficking.

Community Inclusion, Systemic Inequities and Racism - Removing barriers and creating opportunities for community participation, creating stronger understanding among our community’s neighbours, visitors, and newcomers.

Housing and Homelessness - Improving housing security through a housing-first approach to homelessness, encouraging the development of affordable housing and transitional housing.

Youth-involved Crime and Harm - Reducing youth participation in crime, both as victims, perpetrators, and witnesses through programs that enrich families and create a sense of purpose and belonging.

Built Environment & Social Infrastructure - Creating safe opportunities for social connection through public spaces that encourage positive interaction and building relationships among community members.

The strategy builds on initiatives that already exist in Thompson, identifying their strengths, the resources they need to operate at their best, and how programs can work together to close gaps and maximize their impact.

You can read the full plan here.

Community Safety Survey Results

On August , the Community Safety and Well-Being Advisory Committee put released the Thompson Community Safety Survey, developed by independent consultants, Community Safety Knowledge Alliance.
When the survey closed on August 17, the survey received more than 2, 200 responses. At nearly 16% of the community's population, this is the largest response a survey released through the City of Thompson has received in the last five years.
The survey results are available here, available as a slide deck at the link below. A summary of findings and qualitative data (paragraph-style answers) is at the front of the survey, while the quantitative information (multiple choice, etc.) is included as an appendix towards the end of the slides.
Compiled by Community Safety Knowledge Alliance

Who is the Community Safety and Well-Being Advisory Committee?

The advisory committee is a team of community leaders assembled to strategically and collaboratively address public safety issues in Thompson.
Committee Co-Chairs:
Chris Hastie
Acting Inspector, RCMP Thompson
Dee Chaboyer
Executive Director, MaMowWeTak Friendship Centre
Sonya Wiseman
Acting Public Safety Manager, City of Thompson
Advisory Committee Member Organizations:
Northern Regional Health Authority
City of Thompson
Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre
Thompson Crisis Centre
Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
Michif Child and Family Services
Canadian Mental Health Association
YWCA Thompson
MacDonald Youth Services
Thompson Chamber of Commerce
University College of the North
University of Manitoba Faculty of Social Work
Manitoba Justice
Manitoba Probation
Awasis Agency
Streetreach North
Keewatin Tribal Council - Jordan's Principle
School District of Mystery Lake
Men Are Part Of The Solution
Manitoba Police Commissioner

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