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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thompson Connect?

Thompson Connect is a direct messaging system used by the City of Thompson to deliver important information straight to residents.

How do I receive messages from Thompson Connect?

You must register at to start receiving messages. You can receive messages through voice calls on land lines or cell phones, text messages, emails, or as push notifications.

Why is Thompson Connect useful?

Radio, newspapers, social media, and websites have two main problems: you have to remember to check them, and you have to check them at the right time. Otherwise, information could get missed. Through Thompson Connect, we can send messages directly to your home, computer or cell phone.

Maybe most importantly, voice calls to cell phones and landlines let us reach residents who do not like to use digital technology, or don't know how.

What kinds of messages will I receive through Thompson Connect?

You can select exactly what kind of messages you want to receive from us. Right now, you can select from 6 different types of messages:
  • City Hall: Receive news about Mayor and Council and city government initiatives.
  • General Information: Notices about road construction and closures, water shutoffs, boil water advisories and other important topics that all residents should be aware of.
  • Public Safety: Receive bulletins about crime, fire safety, emergency services, and non-urgent notices.
  • Public Works: Get notices about day-to-day Public Works activities like water breaks, road closures, snow clearing, and the Waste Disposal Grounds.
  • Recreation: Find out about programs, workshops, and special events coming up in Thompson.
  • Taxes and Utilities: Get reminded when important bills are coming up. 

How often will I receive messages from Thompson Connect?

That depends on what topics you chose. We recognize that getting constant notifications is annoying, and we want to save Thompson Connect for the important stuff.

Connect does have the unique ability of selecting specific areas to message based on the home address you enter into your profile, so we will aim to target local messages to the residents who need them the most.

I got a robocall from Thompson Connect, but I didn't sign up. What gives?!

The City of Thompson has a log of the residential White Pages published in Thompson's phone book every year for emergency purposes. When the program first launched, we placed a call to all residential phone numbers to promote residents signing up for the service, but also to automatically screen for phone numbers no longer in service. With the exception of city-wide emergencies, this is the only message you will receive without registering.

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