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Public Hearings

Public Hearings usually take place at 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, City Hall, 226 Mystery Lake Road, Thompson, Manitoba, followed by the Regular Meeting of Council.  However, Council may select another date and location if needed as long as they notify the public as per the Municipal Act and/or Planning Act requirements.

Council must hold a Public Hearing to obtain public input on matters that have a significant impact on the citizens and property owners in the municipality, under The Municipal Act.

Examples of when Public Hearings are required include:

  • presentation of the annual financial plan of the municipality
  • revisions to the operating budget that increases transfers from surplus and reserves or tax revenue, or increases estimates in the capital budget
  • long-term borrowing by the municipality for capital projects (if not included in the annual financial plan of the municipality)
  • proposal to close a municipal road
  • proposal for local improvements / special services
  • proposal to adopt or amend a development plan or zoning bylaw application

Requirements for Public Hearings recognize the important role that the public plays in the decision-making process. The Public Hearing enables Council to provide comprehensive information on a proposal to citizens and obtain their input on the proposal before making a final decision. Knowing the views of the public will assist Council to make the best possible decision on behalf of all citizens and ratepayers in the municipality.

Notifying the Public:

The City of Thompson, in accordance with the Municipal Act and Planning Act notifies the public of upcoming Public Hearings by: 
  • Notifications will be hand delivered to adjacent property owners of the subject property;
  • Advertising a notice in two consecutive issues of a newspaper;
  • Posting information on the City of Thompson website. 

Conducting the Public Hearing:

  • Public Hearings will be broadcasted by Shaw and can be viewed on Channel 11 or the City of Thompson website;
  • At the beginning of the Public Hearing the proposed amendment(s) are introduced;
  • The Mayor will then call for speakers and will facilitate the speaker's list;
  • Each interested person will be given an opportunity to speak to Council on the application;
  • Speakers are asked to provide their name and address for the record;
  • After all speakers have been heard, the Mayor will call three times for speakers to come forward; if there are none, the Public Hearing on that item is closed.
Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine