Mayor Colleen Smook

Mayor Colleen Smook

My name is colleen Smook.  Thompson has been my home for 43 years. Four of my seven children still reside and work in Thompson.  My Husband Nick E. and I are grandparents to 17-21 grandchildren depending on who is keeping track.


Through being part of the construction industry, owning apartment blocks in the 90’s, and owner of McCreedy Campground, as well as serving on numerous boards and being involved in the activities of my children and grandchildren over the years, I know a lot of people and have been involved locally, provincially and in the outlying communities.


I am here to serve and listen to all that make Thompson their home and those that work and visit our community.

sustainable community. 

Contact Information 
Mayor Colleen Smook
Cell (204) 679-6315 
Mayor’s Office (204) 677-7920